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Tether USD (USDT)

Tether gives you the joint benefits of open blockchain technology and traditional currency by converting your cash into a stable digital currency equivalent.

0.000052 BTC9.082361 CRO
-0.12%$25,362,305,558.00$68,020,994,857.00   $586,981,216.00   36,345


USDC is a fully collateralized US Dollar stablecoin developed by CENTRE, the open source project with Circle being the first of several forthcoming issuers.

0.000052 BTC9.082652 CRO
-0.03%$2,648,034,395.00$47,405,505,158.00   $835,000,000.00   53,936

Wrapped Ether (WETH)

wETH is "wrapped ETH"

0.067381 BTC11,677.838329 CRO
-1.96%$504,695,371.00--$204,359,069.12   24,439


Cardano (ADA) is a decentralized platform that will allow complex programmable transfers of value in a secure and scalable fashion. Cardano is built in the secure Haskell programming language.

0.000022 BTC3.837575 CRO
-2.04%$369,833,478.00$14,300,828,231.00   $2,598,471.52   4,661

ChainLink Token (LINK)

A blockchain-based middleware, acting as a bridge between cryptocurrency smart contracts, data feeds, APIs and traditional bank account payments.

0.000374 BTC64.759310 CRO
-3.81%$331,727,241.00$3,513,367,050.00   $2,852,192.51   1,509


Cosmos is a decentralized network of independent parallel blockchains, each powered by BFT consensus algorithms like Tendermint consensus.

0.000635 BTC109.990917 CRO
-4.46%$214,603,382.00$3,545,484,304.00   $4,101,693.33   9,368

Matic Token (MATIC)

Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.

0.000040 BTC6.969219 CRO
-0.25%$210,087,834.00$5,719,802,724.00   $2,301,933.00   5,026

Dai Stablecoin (DAI)

Multi-Collateral Dai, brings a lot of new and exciting features, such as support for new CDP collateral types and Dai Savings Rate.

0.000052 BTC9.082652 CRO
-0.13%$209,817,118.00$6,384,657,736.00   $161,000,000.00   4,734


Polkadot is a blockchain project that aims to connect blockchains, to enable the transfer of value and logic across chains. DOT is the native coin of the network.

0.000324 BTC56.221617 CRO
-1.37%$202,323,167.00$7,167,571,010.00   $928,530.95   1,701

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin (DOGE) is based on the popular "doge" Internet meme and features a Shiba Inu on its logo. Dogecoin's creators envisaged it as a fun, light-hearted cryptocurrency. that would have greater appeal beyond the core Bitcoin audience, since it was based on a dog meme.

0.000003 BTC0.541199 CRO
-1.81%$196,076,613.00$7,907,510,950.00   $2,979,300.00   4,350


SHIBA INU is a 100% decentralized community experiment with it claims that 1/2 the tokens have been sent to Vitalik and the other half were locked to a Uniswap pool and the keys burned.

0.000000 BTC0.000100 CRO
-1.36%$176,991,514.00$6,509,103,434.00   $8,824,000.00   16,769


Stellar is an open network for storing and moving money.

0.000006 BTC1.089382 CRO
-0.98%$165,712,952.00$3,058,755,422.00   $1,079,144.08   1,773

Wrapped BTC (WBTC)

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is an ERC20 token backed 1:1 with Bitcoin. Completely transparent. 100% verifiable. Community-led.

0.999436 BTC173,212.534060 CRO
-1.01%$116,230,755.00$4,674,585,418.00   $294,794,880.60   6,893


A regulated, exchange-independent stablecoin backed 1-for-1 with US Dollars.

0.000052 BTC9.082652 CRO
--$67,457,957.00$884,676,510.00   $31,001,000.00   7,978

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Customizable cryptocurrency and virtual goods platform for gaming.

0.000023 BTC3.969827 CRO
-3.22%$22,259,487.00$437,488,730.00   $393,479.47   1,351

Dogelon (ELON)

A universal currency for the people.

0.000000 BTC0.000002 CRO
-6.21%$3,445,268.00$133,645,084.00   $667,030.40   6,074

Wrapped CRO (WCRO)

Pay and be paid in crypto anywhere, with any crypto, for free.

0.000006 BTC0.996776 CRO
-0.79%$2,303,657.00--$97,897,765.18   57,173

VVSToken (VVS)

A utility, governance, and reward token with applications throughout the VVS platform.

0.000000 BTC0.000052 CRO
-0.31%$1,358,143.00$158,429,526.00   $280,030,909.37   105,866

Mad Meerkat Finance (MMF)

MMFinance is the 2nd Generation & the 1st AMM & DEX on Cronos Chain that offers fee rebates via trade mining and protocol owned liquidity.

0.000001 BTC0.192452 CRO
-2.44%$601,619.00$9,892,280.00   $10,971,462.52   31,682

DappRadar (RADAR)

DappRadar aims to be one of the leading global NFT & DeFi DAPP store.

0.000000 BTC0.064814 CRO
-2.32%$146,189.00$5,011,815.00   $285,440.80   571

Savanna Token (SVN)

MM Finance is an AMM & DEX on Cronos Chain that offers fee rebates via trade mining with the lowest trading fees on Cronos at 0.17%!

0.000001 BTC0.175489 CRO
-0.19%$114,922.00$3,693,446.00   $4,361,465.56   13,439

Tectonic Governance Token (TONIC)

Tectonic is a cross-chain money market for earning passive yield and accessing instant backed loans.

0.000000 BTC0.000001 CRO
-1.42%$90,011.00$11,104,394.00   $52,650,000.00   32,546

Pendle (PENDLE)

Pendle is essentially a protocol for tokenizing yield and an AMM for trading tokenized yield and other time-decaying assets.

0.000003 BTC0.483179 CRO
-1.10%$88,686.00$5,154,775.00   $186,193.00   199

FerroToken (FER)

Ferro Protocol is a StableSwap AMM protocol that allows users to exchange with low slippage and minimum fee and farm tokens by creating more efficient pools consisting of highly correlated assets, as well as allowing better composability between protocols in the Cronos ecosystem.

0.000003 BTC0.567829 CRO
-0.48%$57,174.00$47,856,244.00   $273,833,468.90   11,046

Savanna Share (MSHARE)

MM Finance is an AMM & DEX on Cronos Chain that offers fee rebates via trade mining with the lowest trading fees on Cronos at 0.17%!

0.002404 BTC416.621253 CRO
-3.74%$56,462.00$2,182,117.00   $4,084,356.54   6,826

Mimas (MIMAS)

Algorithmic money market and liquid staking protocol for Cronos.

0.000004 BTC0.610681 CRO
9.53%$20,383.00$1,823,836.00   $67,236,000.00   3,713


Single Finance is the first marked-to-USD DeFi yield earning platform, offering strategies that protect users capital by minimizing impermanent loss.

0.000000 BTC0.053247 CRO
2.36%$19,432.00--$2,657,511.38   18,652

Mad Meerkat Optimizer (MMO)

MMFinance is the 2nd Generation & the 1st AMM & DEX on Cronos Chain that offers fee rebates via trade mining and protocol owned liquidity.

0.000021 BTC3.712852 CRO
3.86%$14,321.00$1,872,791.00   $1,886,806.85   8,520

Cronofi Finance Token (CRONO)

Cronofi Finance is a layered farming on Cronos design with Anti-whale features.

0.002076 BTC359.854678 CRO
--$7,786.00--$118,860.00   164

Mad Meerkat ETF (METF)

MM Finance is an AMM & DEX on Cronos Chain that offers fee rebates via trade mining with the lowest trading fees on Cronos at 0.17%!

0.000284 BTC49.227975 CRO
-1.38%$6,942.00$3,456,790.00   $104,964,923.24   4,942

CronaSwap Token (CRONA)

CronaSwap is a decentralized exchange platform on the Cronos Chain. CronaSwap aims to become a benchmark for DEX platforms.

0.000000 BTC0.060492 CRO
1.21%$5,583.00--$715,153.01   9,791

Lazy Horse Race Club (LHRC)

The Lazy Horse Race Club is a metaverse horse racing world that connects to a real life racing team via club membership on the Cronos chain.

0.000001 BTC0.199594 CRO
--$3,098.00--$21,975,270.00   1,387

Darkness Dollar (DUSD)

The First Multi-Fractional-Algorithmic stablecoin with stablecoins Dex on Cronos Chain.

0.000043 BTC7.461144 CRO
2.62%$2,821.00$244,061.00   $242,631.61   373

Crodex Token (CRX)

Crodex is a decentralized exchange (DEX), providing liquidity and enabling peer-to-peer transactions on Cronos.

0.000235 BTC40.781108 CRO
0.14%$2,792.00$449,330.00   $449,000.00   3,310

Loot Network (LOOT)

Designed for economic participants of DeFi and the Metaverse.

0.000000 BTC0.000002 CRO
--$2,049.00--$19,591.96   904

DarkCrypto Share (SKY)

DarkCrypto Finance is an algorithm token pegged price with CRO ( DarkCrypto create token DARK will be currency for DarkVerse ecosystem.

0.000359 BTC62.216167 CRO
-0.13%$2,043.00$426,739.00   $578,982.55   4,799

Pegasus (SUS)

Pegasus DAO is the platform for DAO literacy, inspiring users and investors to build generational wealth by staking SUS to earn passive income.

0.001129 BTC195.731153 CRO
--$1,914.00--$564,876,853.65   202


The first algorithmic stablecoin on Cronos, pegged to the price of 1 $USDC via seigniorage.

0.000068 BTC11.716621 CRO
--$1,569.00--$87,291.72   875

Rollium (RLM)

MarbleVerse is a Play-2-Earn game developed on EVM-based blockchain technology, giving Marble NFT holders innovative use cases such as passive income generation by holding their NFTs and enjoying the competitive gameplay while earning.

0.000000 BTC0.035677 CRO
-4.97%$1,040.00--$392,807.00   899

DarkCrypto (DARK)

DarkCrypto Finance creates token DARK which is an Algorithm Token Pegged Price with CRO ( DARK will be the currency for DarkVerse ecosystem.

0.000001 BTC0.131932 CRO
-0.01%$942.00$841,965.00   $845,151.23   9,221

CroKing (CRK)

CroKing is a multifacet utility token which uses the Hype of Cronos Chain which provides a fresh start for many crypto investors away from the regular BSC and ETH dominance and gives holder 5% Cro Rewards.

0.000000 BTC0.000000 CRO
-4.78%$892.00--$291,000.00   6,074

Croissant Games (CROISSANT)

Decentralised Casino on Cronos chain.

0.000000 BTC0.006581 CRO
-2.34%$781.00--$140,723.93   1,837

Cronosphere (SPHERE)

An auto liquidity, reflection and burn protocol on Cronos.

0.000045 BTC7.818783 CRO
-5.02%$683.00$667,769.00   $860,848.00   2,421

Degen Protocol (SH33P)

The Degen's Protocol is a CRC-20 token on the Cronos Chain that captures value by having a scarce supply with a deflationary burn mechanism.

0.000269 BTC46.684832 CRO
-0.55%$674.00--$5,140,000.00   483

CroNode (CRN)

CRN is the native token required to create a node through the Cronodes protocol.

0.000002 BTC0.385407 CRO
-1.24%$302.00--$868,047.73   9,646

Darkness Share (NESS)

The First Multi-Fractional-Algorithmic stablecoin with stablecoins Dex on Cronos Chain.

0.000000 BTC0.024862 CRO
-1.92%$286.00$101,311.00   $1,428,019.18   2,594


CROSS is an automated market-maker ("AMM") on the Cronos chain designed for low-slippage trading of stablecoins and other pegged assets.

0.000002 BTC0.343921 CRO
--$193.00--$3,068,639.51   394


A Decentralized Reserve Currency and VC on Cronos Network.

0.000001 BTC0.229154 CRO
--$154.00--$184,874.92   1,959


A token and application that will incentivize safe driving and help create a more safe road for people around the world. People can earn $GDRT rewards to drive the speed limit.

0.000000 BTC0.000000 CRO
-0.75%$88.00--$600,000.00   369
50 (GAUR)

GAUR’s algocoin is pegged to the price movements of ETH. These high yields can usually be found on high risk farms and assets, but with Gaur, users risk is hedged due to its ETH exposure.

0.000017 BTC3.032788 CRO
0.14%$50.00$39,171.00   $74,711.03   256
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