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List of smart contracts with tokens.

A total of 121 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0x2643637c640092d7f78e4d47bac7fdca7bb0060a12,100 CRO345
0xc9baa8cfdde8e328787e29b4b078abf2dadc20550 CRO1,965
0x10faae6a25354544081d1aa3438e66086218d8515.10530536 CRO2,249
0xd8d40dcee0c2b486eebd1fedb3f507b011de7ff010mb Finance: 10SHARE Token0 CRO1,886
0x02a8dc66334b1cc6cd8f28fe8dbf6b58b49b47b610mb: 10MB Token0 CRO1,489
0xa4434afeae0decb9820d906bf01b13291d00651aAgile: AGL Token0 CRO3,172
0x98936bde1cf1bff1e7a8012cee5e2583851f2067Annex Finance: ANN Token0 CRO9,613
Sum of 7 Accounts12,105.10530536 CRO11,106

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