Accounts Stronghands Money

Stronghands Money is a protocol designed to implement DeFi and community-oriented applications, services and smart contracts in a way which creates a beneficial platform for users.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x32dc669427066efc740e5ff0d305b0b457fdc3aaStronghands Money: Fee Manager0 CRO59
0xb7fd7c5a90387f5e7394d42e544365c3474eb651Stronghands Money: Fee Recipient0 CRO82
0x7870d5c72efb27b5b54db89a42c8a901ae80ea0dStronghands Money: LP Migrator0.04541872 CRO2
0x8a8b064b21b6b42ee0969a45aa2aad5dc97c2a2aStronghands Money: MultiCall0 CRO1
0x3c469ccce1ee688e5324e02c97425782ab17bb32Stronghands Money: Oracle Factory0 CRO9
0xe2f1ce3ed8c96410bcc6ca336477cb2eafc0beaeStronghands Money: Route Manager0 CRO1
0x82d74022e1e0e8d00bd4a0d6229bd154bb5b82f0Stronghands Money: StrongZap0 CRO2

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