Accounts Minotaur.Money

Minotaur.Money is one of the reserve currency protocols that employ a transaction tax as a holding incentive. The tax is redistributed to stakers during rebases.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x7a5a4ac0088e71b2585eedced53011d627e43953Minotaur Money: add Liquidity Helper0 CRO677
0x56a497929a00db304a54ea33b6b1c6c41d3d6c76Minotaur.Money: Bond Calc0 CRO1
0x8df0679ee8a056416703cda6224eaacefa71663cMinotaur.Money: DAI Bond Deposit0 CRO1,180
0xb318e8ee4844de042588426d551fa26945864389Minotaur.Money: DAI-MINO Bond Deposit0 CRO2,228
0x42a00fb8a43343832d0356bbd174e1e6bbbee661Minotaur.Money: Distributor0 CRO11
0x3e9271abb4c46dedd8878f2e7a8c6ee48c116267Minotaur.Money: MINO Presale0 CRO147
0xb918ddf570f58b187b34f740c83250fa6da8169fMinotaur.Money: MINO Redeem0 CRO119

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