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GambleFi DAO is an innovative financial ecosystem, based on a rebase currency managed by a DAO. Each BETIFY token is collateralized by various assets and held in the GambleFi Treasury, offering the currency an innate value that cannot fall below a certain floor price.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x335cac92af7015be7802170b62ebc4c74900484dGambleFi DAO: Betify Staking0 CRO6,661
0x7b7adb8d5a709fb9b6526bfe70ad2208f396b1ffGambleFi DAO: Bond Calculator0 CRO1
0x4e2b04cdc5bccfa2f98ed34aa0fa4040191514c0GambleFi DAO: Booster Box0 CRO414
0x5cf21acb06b3d43150b41f7dda5960f0d495c855GambleFi DAO: DAI Bond Stable0 CRO131
0x472b99f725a5000ff7d3cf22bc4f11c9ec099e41GambleFi DAO: Distributor0 CRO4
0xf165a7e94ea5f120caaa42d6f0c0070cecfc89cdGambleFi DAO: Presale Pool0 CRO233
0x050d622f10c0ba68e043d7b5ed73dbb81968c317GambleFi DAO: Price Feed0 CRO3

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