Accounts Bank of Cronos

The Bank of Cronos (BOC) is a community-owned decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with the goal of developing and maintaining decentralized financial (DeFi) protocols on the Cronos network.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x4d499157a35b1cc8b0e32adb5e90022cd61822ebBank of Cronos: Distributor0 CRO1,514
0x15648eecae24cef67aca1d6ca23c94fac5d5a71fBank of Cronos: Exercise pOLY Bond0 CRO5
0x1087234fe877721f30016ebed5bed061397c8851Bank of Cronos: Multisig23 CRO175
0x4b6dc33d190482c38648c8f23776c8a89b00aefcBank of Cronos: Olympus Bonding Calculator0 CRO1
0x8119595311e651a6598065aaec9a10175a69b5b2Bank of Cronos: Staking0 CRO265
0x34020fad38a52b7590430528d3bc23e40e11e204Bank of Cronos: Staking Helper0 CRO407
0x3cac16a64553e67a7a79bd4ae61e77a263f7a990Bank of Cronos: Staking Warmup0 CRO1

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